Back in October we announced a new member of Boatshed Thames our Client Services Director, Archie Ray. Archie is now 9 months and has grown considerably since he was introduced.

I get a lot of queries asking how he is doing and for new photos.

Archie is enjoying boating and always makes sure to wear his lifejacket; he has attended a survey and met quite a few customers. He is looking forward to the warm weather as we all are.

On Sunday I took my boat out for the first trip of the year and was surprised to see so many boats out with happy, smiling owners. The sun was shining and blue skies could be seen although not that warm at around 10c it was a pleasant change from snow! People were out on pontoons cleaning and polishing and it was although they had all been called out for the weekend.

As the Thames clears its final red and yellow boards let us hope that spring is finally here and we can all get out on the water.

I look forward to seeing customers out and about and if you are looking to buy or sell a boat do not hesitate to contact us at Boatshed Thames